How about treating your skin to a dry February as well?

After all the rich foods and alcohol that we associate with Christmas it is a wonderful skincare opportunity to do a Dry January and you can even go to a Dry February too!

Avoiding alcohol even if it is only for the 31 days will have a significant benefit for your complexion and general skin health

Research has shown us that regular alcohol consumption can cause vitamin deficiencies, disrupt hormones, I disrupt gut microbes , increase inflammation and lead to tissue damage . This can appear as puffiness ( especially under the eyes) , visible blood vessels , increased fine lines, dry flaky skin and acne. With inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and rosacea , alcohol can increase the levels of redness, itchiness and dryness as the body not only becomes dehydrated, but is unable to absorb the antioxidants that are vital for skin health and protection from the environment.

Dehydration and ‘hangover face’: alcohol seriously dries out he body , you can see this in the dry , red skin and ‘ruddy’ complexion after a night out. The addition of sweet, sugary mixers such as tonic water, coke and processed fruit juices can also create premature aging by contributing to the fine lines and wrinkles associated with dehydration.

As the skin barrier becomes stronger you can see your complexion glowing and looking less inflamed, to help your skin even further try drinking a small glass of Green Magic:

Healthy Food And Eating. Happy Young Woman Drinking Green Detox Vegetable Smoothie. Healthy Lifestyle, Vegetarian Diet And Meal. Drink Juice. Health Care And Beauty Concept.

Green Magic put the following into a nutribullet : spinach , apple ,fresh garlic(yes!) juice of half a lemon ,fresh ginger and water.

Skin Care Tip: Exfoliating is a great thing to do for your skin , especially in the winter months . This is a gentle homemade exfoliation recipe: add enough water to ground almonds to make a paste, add 1-2 drops of olive or almond oil . To use: take a small amount of paste at a time and apply it to your skin using circular movements. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

This exfoliating recipe can be used on your face and also on your body ! It is best to do it twice a week , you will not need to use any other exfoliator.


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