Acupuncture is an effective method of treatment. It is recognised as such by the World Health Organisation

Amanda uses acupuncture to restore balance to physical, mental and emotional health. It can be used to treat pain, stress and many other conditions that affect general wellbeing and prevent one from leading a full and active life.

Acupuncture can be used to treat both men and women who are experiencing fertility, gynaecological or urogenital issues.


Acupuncture may benefit a wide range of conditions including:

  • Painful musculo-skeletal disorders including sport injuries, back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, osteo-arthritis, sprains and injuries to soft tissue and their after effects etc.
  • Neurological disorders including headache and migraine, tinnitus,  the after effects of stroke, facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy)
  • Menstrual, gynaecological and obstetric disorders including premenstrual syndrome (PMT), painful periods, morning sickness, malposition of the foetus, delayed labour, insufficiency of breast milk
  • Male and female fertility issues 
  • Mental health conditions such as anxiety, panic, depression and insomnia
  • Digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, haemorrhoids, and obesity
  • Urinary tract complaints such as recurrent cystitis and urethritis
  • Circulatory diseases such as Raynauds disease, intermittent claudication, and recurrent cramping
  • Addictions including tobacco, drugs and alcohol


Fertility Acupuncture

“Finding The Fitzwilliam Health Clinic team and Amanda was worth the weight of our third son Olly’s weight in gold! For the 6 – 8 months leading up to the conception of Olly I regularly went to Amanda and in that time my health improved dramatically.”




"I have attended Amanda Hughes for problems all related to the Menopause. I was not only finding it difficult to get to sleep, but had disrupted sleep and night sweats. In the mornings, I then woke exhausted, felt tired all the time and was having hot flushes during the day.

Before taking the HRT route I very fortunately, decided to go to Amanda. Her advice and treatment have been indispensable. I have received lifestyle and dietary advice, which have helped with the day to day running of my life. I attended for treatment once a week for acupuncture to help with sleep, and had herbs to help with my energy levels and the night sweats. I did this on a weekly basis over 3 months.

One year later, I can honestly say there has been a complete change to my life! My energy levels are such that my everyday and work lives are so much more productive ,and pleasantly so, and I am now also playing tennis again!

I am still attending Amanda once every 6 weeks for 30 minutes maintenance acupuncture, which I find so beneficial having achieved such positive changes."



Pregnancy Pre-Eclampsia

"Although my pregnancy was not plain sailing – Amanda countered and balanced everything that was thrown her way and helped me to balance the rest of my life outside of her clinic to help me delay the onset of the pre-eclampsia. Through this use of a perfect blend of herbs and acupuncture supplied by the clinic, I managed to keep the required balance in my body necessary to ensure that our third son went closest to full-term, resulting in a higher birth weight and healthier baby that came home with us from the hospital earlier than our first 2 boys!"



Preconception Acupuncture

"Although my menstrual cycle was regular , it was not normal but with the acupuncture sessions and Chinese herbs prescribed by Amanda , I started regulating my periods and my ovulation – arising in the conception of my son."



"Fitzwilliam Health Clinic and in particular Amanda Hughes were paramount to my success in delivering a healthy baby girl. Having experienced a very difficult pregnancy I honestly believe that without Amanda’s intervention and care, things could have been very different. I had tried acupuncture before and wasn’t particularly impressed and struggled to see any tangible benefits.

What sets Amanda apart is her earnest dedication and genuine interest in her clients well being. She continuously goes the extra mile and never once makes you feel rushed or under any type of pressure, in fact all too often it felt as though she was there for my benefit alone – such is her skill at putting you at ease and I trust her impeccably"


"Through a customised diet plan and a variety of acupuncture techniques I received relief from a whole host of ailments and more importantly our baby grew healthy and strong – I genuinely credit Amanda for ensuring we got through a worrying pregnancy with as little stress as possible and a wonderfully happy outcome. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Amanda (in fact I have already to all of my friends!) if you are pregnant with or without complications – you won’t regret it…….. Thanks"



"Thanks Amanda, for being much more than a regular acupuncturist and for minding me and our bundle of joy so well these past 9 months!"



"Amanda is an expert acupuncturist. Her knowledge and experience in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine is second to none. I would highly recommend hiring Amanda for treatment."



Exam Focus & Concentration

"Hi Amanda,

Had to communicate to you re my body’s reaction to your skills.

My mental energy has been constant and extremely powerful all week. I feel that I have done really well in my exam, thanks to the hours that I have been able to focus on studying.

Without your skillful intervention I could never have been able to focus for such long periods of time.

I am eternally grateful."


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