With several decades of experience in treating sports injuries, skin conditions and gynaecological issues we help our patients attain a level of health wellbeing that enables them to lead more fulfilled lives.

Over a few months the aches in my feet and hands disappeared I was less puffy and am now never cold


Amanda is an expert acupuncturist. Her knowledge and experience in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine is second to none. I would highly recommend hiring Amanda for treatment


Amanda has such an amazing approach to treating people, she is supportive, honest and caring. I would highly recommend her for her dynamic approach to health.


I feel the most well now that I have ever done, my journey of health started with me attending Amanda, I have a lot to thank her for.


Amanda has been an amazing support with helping me regulate my periods, help treat PCOS, Endometriosis and fertility issues.


What sets Amanda apart is her earnest dedication and genuine interest in her clients well being Niamh
Fitzwilliam Health Clinic and in particular Amanda Hughes were paramount to my success in delivering a healthy baby girl.


I trust her impeccably


Without your skillful intervention I could never have been able to focus for such long periods of time. I am eternally grateful.


Through the acupuncture sessions and the use of the herbs I started regulating my periods and my ovulation – arising in the conception of my son


Before taking the HRT route I very fortunately, decided to go to Amanda. Her advice and treatment have been indispensable


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Amanda (in fact I have already to all of my friends!) Rachel
Thanks Amanda, for being much more than a regular acupuncturist and for minding me and our bundle of joy so well these past 9 months!


Thanks so much for your help and support on our journey – we’re truely blessed with our little baba.
I’m sure we’ll be in touch again in the future…Best wishes


Amanda has a great depth of knowledge and a vast array of professional experience in her specialist field as a Chinese Herbal Practitioner


I actively recommend Amanda to anyone I can and 100% believe in her outstanding abilities that are incredibly rare.


Having experienced a very difficult pregnancy I honestly believe that without Amanda’s intervention and care, things could have been very different.