Herbal Skin Clinic

In the Herbal Skin Clinic care plans are individualised – the skin texture, location of the condition, the degree of dryness, or wetness, scaling and itch are all taken into account.

During the consultation I will look for patterns to determine what’s causing your skin response to the environment. Some conditions are triggered by warm weather, spicy foods, stress, food intolerances, hormonal imbalances or exposure to environmental toxins.

Each herbal formula will usually include ingredients to address other symptoms that are part of the person's overall health picture. For example with acne there can also be hormonal imbalances or digestive issues that will need to be addressed to regain the skin's balance and harmony.

The recommended treatment for most skin conditions includes a tea of traditional herbs, and either creams, oils or washes that you apply to the skin. The best way to take herbs to use for skin conditions are taken as a tea using ‘raw herbs’, these are unprocessed and may consist of leaves, roots, fruits, flowers.

Herbal washes, creams and oils are all made up for the individual and meant to be applied directly to the skin.

*It is important to spot test any new product that you apply even if it may appear to be mild or natural. 

Common foods have a role to play in skin health and in the Herbal Skin Clinic I generally ask for a food diary to be kept for a week so that we can discuss any necessary adjustments.

All my herbal skin care products are:

100% natural

No parabens

No petroleum

No artificial colours

No artificial fragrances

Additional Products:

I make the following products to suit your unique condition, so they are only available to clients who have attended the clinic.

Sinus Oil
Acne Oil Cleanser
Acne Oil Serum
Chinese Herbal Face Mask
Psoriasis Cream
Eczema Cream
Scar Oil
Pregnancy Stretch Mark Oil
Skin Washes
Candida/ Thrush washes


Creams, Lotions, Cleansers, Moisturisers and Oils:

The prices of these products varies as I make them up by hand. I ensure that the majority of the ingredients are organic.  I adjust the formulation of each product to suit you and your skin.

Please contact me on 0861593170 if you would like to know more about these.


“My face is in much better condition, calm and no itch! Thank you! Going to make the remainder now and will report back next week.”



“My eczema is vastly improved and keeps getting better, so all seems to have worked.”



“The cream has worked on my legs and I am very pleased.”



“Skin is good, My hands are coming out of the nasty, blister sore phase.. now flaking, The salts arevery soothing and take the rash down.”
(Pompolyx Eczema)



“Hey Amanda- herbs are going well so far, flaking is way down and redness is fading . Could I pick up another 2 weeks when you’ve a chance, please.”



“I’m really good , my skin is so clear now. I’m eating clean and back in the gym. Finally feeling back to myself.”