Exercise Can Give More Than Just An Energy Boost…

I am frequently asked about Libido in my practice – its not really so surprising that people may have periods of low libido.  I see a lot of couples trying to conceive naturally, or going through the IVF process at my fertility acupuncture clinic in Dublin. Many of them complain of low libido – couples trying to conceive can experience high stress levels in their relationship as they feel that their emotional and sex lives have been hijacked.

Everyday stresses of life affect people differently and they can react differently to stress – for some people their sleep or energy is affected but for others it is their sex drive.   In Chinese medicine   libido or sex drive is associated with the kidney energy and can be a result of too little kidney energy.  People often feel additional  symptoms of fatigue, feeling cold, sweating at night, low back pain or knee pain.


What You can do:

If you are feeling stressed a small amount of exercise taken regularly can give you a great energy boost.   It will also increase your sex drive and potency!   However for women trying to conceive, too much vigorous exercise is not advisable in Chinese medicine.

Swimming, running and walking help decrease cortisol levels and reduce stress. These types of cardio -exercise naturally increases the blood flow all over the body- including your sex organs,  so you will enjoy sex even more!  Exercising the pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises can help women maintain the strength and control of their vaginal muscles.  In men these exercises can help delay ejaculation and also improve erections.

Weight lifting is a great way to increase testosterone levels for both men and women because sex drive is linked to testosterone and helps to build up body strength. Women doing IVF or trying to conceive should avoid doing weight lifting as it may affect their fertility, even if they are receiving treatments in fertility acupuncture.

Yoga (believe it or not) is really great for sex drive as the meditative process increases focus while lowering the cortisol levels. The stretching involved in yoga helps to balance energy flow, while releasing sexual energy and promoting flexibility.

Acupuncture is excellent for treating low libido as it is well documented as an effective treatment for stress. It also increases blood supply to the pelvic area, and balances hormones.

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