Our overall goal here at Fitzwilliam Health Clinic, one of Dublin’s premier Physical Therapy, Sports Injuries Clinic is to alleviate pain, reduce stiffness and increase the bodies’ mobility. Kevin O’Toole’s treatments are aimed at making you  become stronger, happier and injury-free while making it easier to have a fuller, more active and pain free lifestyle.

All of us here at Fitzwilliam Health Clinic are fully committed to the total care and well-being of our clients through following three distinct areas of focus:
– the quality of our treatments and the expertise of our therapists.
– our ability to deliver effective, lasting results .
– the development of a long term relationship between therapist and client.

For Fitzwilliam Health Clinic, it is not enough that we provide both effective and lasting therapies for each and every client. It is also important that we provide a course of treatment that’s all about you and designed for your particular needs & requirements.

Everything we do is designed to help us achieve both those goals.

Kevin O’Toole is an expert  and highly qualified physical therapist . He is  genuinely caring and has a  positive approach to your treatments .


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